Welcome to the Ambassador Awards! This is the SafetyWing way to reward the most creative and fast-growing ambassadors that partner with us through our Ambassador Program.

<aside> 🏆 **Winners will be announced in the Ambassador Newsletter following the end of the month. The bonuses will be added in the payments in the following month via the standard payment method (Paypal).


Who can take part?

All existing ambassadors are considered for the monthly awards. If you are an ambassador and would rather not be publicly promoted or shared with these awards, please, contact us at [email protected]. If you are not an ambassador already, you can do it here.

**Active ambassadors are defined as those generating at least 10 first-time sales in a month. *An ambassador can't be at the same time "Rookie of the Month" and "Ambassador of the Month". In that case, the award will go to the second Ambassador of the Month. It is not possible either to win the "Rookie of the Month" award more than once.


We are testing the Ambassador Awards in October 2020 and has been active every month since then. Here are the previous winners.

🏅 Awarded Ambassadors

Ha Phuong Anh

Ha Phuong Anh

Jm Banquicio